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Do you feel lost, dismissed, and hopeless when it comes to your thyroid? Perhaps you want to reverse a thyroid condition and reduce daily symptoms? Join "The Butterfly Gang" my live group coaching, support + accountability community to help your manage your thyroid illness, without feeling lost in the medical system.

Do Any Of These Symptoms Sound Familiar?

You may be dealing with thyroid illness or may have been misdiagnosed with thyroid illness!

  • ​Feel tired & weak

  • ​Gaining weight

  • ​Unable to lose weight

  • ​Cold all the time

  • ​Have dry skin

  • ​Brittle hair

  • ​Hair thinning

  • ​Joint & Muscle Pain

  • ​Depression or mood swings

  • ​Irregular periods

  • ​Brain fog or memory issues

  • ​Slow heart rate or palpitations

  • ​Increased sensitivity to cold

I'm here to say fuck thyroid illness. You deserve to feel amazing!

What if I told you it’s actually possible to wake up feeling refreshed, happy, and at peace once again?

... Without medication

... Without going to the emergency room or doctor's office

... Without any stressful appointments

... Without anyone judging you

... AND without spending hours GOOGLING every symptom in the book.

I Understand! Just A Few Short Years Ago I Was At My All Time Low... And Now I've Discover How To Thrive.

Listen To My Story & Hear Why I Have Dedicated My Career To Helping Women Beat Thyroid Illness

You're Constantly Searching the internet for answers... for some type of relief.

You've tried every diet or medicine out there to find something that will just make you feel the slightest bit better, just enough to get through your day.

Read 3 testimonials below of thyroid warriors who have worked with me to overcome their symptoms.

You are NOT alone...

"Changed my gut life!"

Working w Coach Sarah has changed my “gut life”! I thought I was pretty healthy overall until I took the test and wow did I see what stress can actually do to a person! Thank you for literally saving me and helping to get my gut in check!"


"Opened my eyes" at 16 years old!

"Coach Sarah opened my eyes to a whole new level. I didn’t realize my gut was causing so many issues at such a young age. Thank you for helping me get my gut back in check!"


I was looking for info online about thyroid illness cause I couldn't understand what was going on with me...

I been learning so much about it and what we can do to help our thyroid, I feel the support from her. The Thyroid community from Coach Sarah is growing and is so important for all the women with similar situation.


Join the Butterfly Gang to learn about the 10 Root Cause of Illnesses and how to overcome them.

Gut Imbalances

Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies

Improper Nutrition

Medication Affects

Stress or Trauma

... and so much more!

A place of community and sisterhood.

A group of women who understand you. Women you can talk to. Women you can learn from. A sisterhood that until now, did NOT exist!

Have access to women around the world with similar struggles and life stories. Including a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC) through The Institute of Transformational Nutrition.

You will have the ability to ask questions and learn from others who have experienced the pain, the exhaustion, the depression and loneliness.

You will be able to interact with not only me but the rest of the "Gang" to learn and discover more from others dealing with thyroid conditions also.

Not only will you have access to learn from Coach Sarah Joy at the tip of your fingertips, you will also have access to other coaches and specialists that will guest appear frequently to enhance your knowledge, answer questions, and suggest new ideas to improve your overall health.

Those with thyroid illnesses spend thousands of dollars to work with a coach for only a few months, Coach Sarah Joy has dedicated her career to giving you the opportunity to have access to a life changing coach as long as you desire.

Come on in!

The Butterfly Gang is a safe space and open community of warriors ready to support, share and learn. Inside the community, I'm sharing proven ways to take you from tired and feeling like there is no more hope left for you to finding how to overcome your thyroid illness without worry.

Coach Sarah's loving guidance and support has changed my life in a multilayered way. I am so grateful to have met her and to be learning more than I ever knew about my holistic health. If you get a nudge to work with Sarah, follow your intuition! I did and the transformation has exceeded my expectations

— Jaelyn

Stem Cell Biologist

I can see the changes I have made have helped me feel better.... Overall I want to say thank you! You have helped me so much I’m my time of need and in a time when I felt my lowest. I hope someday I can meet you in person and just hug you and say thank you.

— Jessica

Now Is Your Chance To Join A Community Of Continuous Love, Support And Coaching.

What would you pay to Restore your energy, your health and your life? You have very little to lose but a brand new happy life to gain.

Your friends and family can't wait to have “YOU” back.

Click the link below now and take control of your life again.

Can't wait to meet you.

In love and healing,

- Coach Sarah Joy

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Coach Sarah Joy's Credentials?

Coach Sarah Joy has a degree in Fitness and Nutrition. She also is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC) through The Institute of Transformational Nutrition. *Also, considered the Ivy League of Coaching Schools! She has also done extensive training in creating protocols and educating herself to best serve her community.

What will happen if you don't join the Gang? Its more than likely that you will stay confused on how to decrease your symptoms, be gaslighted by doctors, and unhappy with your health and life.

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What will happen if you do join the Gang? That is a moment to celebrate. Because this one move will enlighten you on so many things that you may not know about thyroid illness right now. This new avenue will definitely lead you to better overall clarity on what's best for you and your health, and how you can transform your life for ever in the positive

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